6 Days 2025 France, Spain and a little bit of Portugal

You and Your Motorbike – a Rally across France, Spain and Portugal. A unique and exciting 6-day tour through the Southern European countries on your motorcycle, organized by the Iron Butt Association Benelux. From August 2 til 9 2025.


Rally Time

The Rally will take place from August 2 – August 9 2025

Start and finish in Metz France

Rally Concept

IBA Benelux 6 Days Rally

This amazing multi-day event takes you to bonus locations (for bonus points) throughout France, Spain and Portugal.

The idea
The idea

The 6 Days rally is a non-commercial scavenger hunt on motorcycles. You solve the challenge of creating and planning your route, driving long distances and face strict timelines.

Bonus Locations
Bonus Locations

You choose the subset of locations and plan your individual route. Take a photo of the Bonus Point you are visiting to collect the corresponding points. Send the phot by eMail, to avoid stressing with papers.


And you can earn additional points for special combinations of Bonus Points (a view are mandatory, such as rest breaks and other special tasks).


The rally language is English and German with Dutch assistance available.


Your challenge

Collect as many Bonus Points as possible in 6 days.

You, your motocycle and 6 days. The road is yours. The challenge amazing, The adventurous epic.



Please understand that a rally is not a race. There is nothing to win. Please understand that only you are responsible for your safety !!!!

Tools you need

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Your Motocycle

A registrered, insured bike includes all legal papers when traveling within the European Union.

A smartphone

A smartphone that works in all countries of EUROPE to send your bonus photos for pre-scoring

Computer with route planner software

The route you need to plan is largely done with a computer and a route planner, read GPX, POI and...

GPS Navigation

To ride your route you will need a GPS navigation device. Please ensure all software and route...

Rally Fees and Payment

This amazing multi-day event is organized by IBA Benelux, Michiel Buitenwerf is the Rally Master. Rally concept and design: Gerhard

Rally Fee
Rally Fee

650 € rider, 250 € pillion – limit until 30.09.2024. After this date the rally fee is 750 € rider, 300 € pillion still the same. The fee includes 2 dinners (start and finish), certificate, patch and rally book. The fee does not include any accommodations.

First Payment
First Payment

First payment (100 €) directly at registration. This is to secure your place, because places are limited.

Second Payment
Second Payment

The second payment must be made by 28.02.2025.

After this date
After this date

After this date, under no circumstances (weather, family, work, illness,…) we will refund the fee, as we will make significant advance payments ourselves.


Please understand that you alone are responsible for your safety !!!!

And this rally is NOT a race. There is nothing to win.

This event is organized by IBA Benelux. IBA Benelux only creates a framework for you as a participant to have a great time on your motorcycle at your own risk and on your own route. You are solely responsible for yourself, your motorcycle, your insurance and your safety. If you want to participate, make sure you are familiar with long distance riding in general, that you know the rules abroad, that you have a good accident and health insurance and a good motorcycle insurance as well – in case something goes wrong.











Rally Master

Michiel Buitenwerf

Rally concept and design: Gerhard 

IBA Benelux
Rally Team


Start August 2, 2025
Finish August 9, 2025

IBA Benelux

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